Military Council troop invades IDPs camp in Putao

The Military Council troop threatened the Internal Displace Persons (IDP) with the suspicion that KIA intelligence is stationed at a refugee camp in Lung Sut Yang ward in Putao Township.

About 30 people entered the camp in two military vehicles at around 4 pm on June 1 and made threats according to an unnamed refugee.

“Soldiers were coming to our Putao refugee camp on suspicion just now and they are forcing us asking. They are accusing that there is a KIA intelligence. Our refugees are very scared”, he said.

They were entering with two military vehicles and blocking outside and nearby the camp with many military trucks and making the inspection.

They were interrogated for half an hour before leaving.

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) launched a rocket attacking the largest battalion, Infantry Battalion 46 in Putao last week, as well as they were firing with rockets in the airport on the morning of June 1.

Fighting also broke out on the Putao-Lungsha Yang Highway in the previous days.

In Putao Township, when the clash between the Military Council troop and the KIA is resuming, the Military Council troop threatened the refugees who were fleeing due to the clashes.

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