Interview with Responsible Officer of Victory Reserve Fund

Clashes have resumed in Kachin State following the seizing the power by the Military, the Victory Reserve Fund is one of the organizations assisting refugees and CDMs.

Since the Victory Reserve Fund is assisting not only the refugees but also the families of those fighting on the front lines and the disabled person because of the fighting, Kachin News Group KNG interview U Zaw Gaung Du (not real name) from VRF.

Q: How did you start to form the Victory Reserve Fund?

A: Our Victory Reserve Fund was formed as a committee on March 20, 2021. The main purpose is to provide timely assistance to the needy families behind the revolutionaries and to care for those who have lost their lives and who have become disabled due to the loss of body parts.

Moreover, we will support the refugees who have fled the difficulties depending on the situation in the current refugee camps. According to them, we have a plan to go and help those who have turned into ordinary people. We found the committee with the purpose to provide as much support as possible to CDM staff.

Q: How much help can you provide in practice? What else is needed to help refugees?

A: We are helping the people as much as we can. Thus, our committee is helping as much as we can with what they will need. For example, they will need raincoats at the moment and we support them. In some places, people are asking for help with minor requirements. Depending on how much they ask for help, we and the committee discuss whether it is possible to help and we help them according to the decision.

Q: Why did you help only in the KIA area like that? Then what are the plans to help other new PDFs?

A: In the current situation, the KIO / KIA is standing firmly in the right place. They sacrifice themself to stand by the people. Due to their protection, I feel that our people must show our love to them. We started with the idea that we had to do something for our heroes who suffered on our behalf. Today is not the time for us to discriminate because they are Kachin, Rakhine, and Shan.

Q: If people want to get involved in this project, please tell me how they can get involved.

A: There are many things to keep in mind for the safety of donors. We have set up a Facebook page for those who want to contact us. They can donate by contacting us from that page. From that page, we accept the donation and send the receipts back. Some do not accept even receipts for their security.

Q: Finally, how would you like to add?

A: By looking at our work, you can give advice and warning. All our committee members are involved in this by working on their own work. We send the items that the donors ask for. Therefore, I want everyone to know that all the members of the committee are truly involved with patriotism.

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