Eight People Home Quarantined in Myitkyina After Contact With COVID-19 Patient

Eight people found to have had contact with Burma’s 245th COVID-19 patient have been ordered to quarantine themselves at their homes in Myitkyina’s Shatapru Ward.

Patient 245 is a 30-year-old man from Hsihseng Township in southern Shan State who worked on a project near the Myitsone area of Kachin State. He had contact with five staff members from the Maung Tai car workshop in Shatapru Ward and three staff from Let Yar restaurant near the workshop when he visited Myitkyina on May 19. They remain in good health.

“We ordered them to close the car workshop and restaurant. We told them to stay in home quarantine. Their shops are locked down,” Shatapru headman Zau Awng said.

Tin Hlaing, deputy head of Kachin State’s COVID-19 Control and Emergency Response Committee, told KNG that the patient had worked at the Tayang Zup stone mine on the Mali Hka river.

“They didn’t have any relations with the village near the stone mine. Sometimes they went to buy food,” he said, as to why the villagers did not appear to be at risk.

The other workers were reportedly from Mandalay Region, and Hsihseng.

Patient 245 is receiving medical treatment at Sao San Htun hospital in Taunggyi, southern Shan State.

As of June 11, there were two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kachin State.

The first COVID-19 patient—number 144 in Burma—has already been discharged from Myitkyina’s public hospital. The second case, Patient 249, is a nurse working near the Loija border crossing with China, and is receiving treatment in Bhamo, also known as Manmaw.

At the time of reporting, the Ministry of Health and Sports had confirmed 262 cases of COVID-19, six deaths and 175 recoveries in the country.

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