Townships Without Internet Can’t Join Online Classes

Seven townships in Kachin State, without internet services, will be left out of the government’s plan to resume classes online, after the lockdown forced schools across Burma to close. 

Khin Hning Oo, the deputy head of the state education department, said: “If we’re going to launch the new education curriculum in Kachin State, teachers who live outside of internet service areas will face difficulties.”

Since early May, the government’s been providing material and preparing teachers to resume classes online. Training has already started with six instructors from primary, middle and high school levels. If it goes well, Khin Hning Oo said more teachers will receive the training soon. 

Class books for grades 4, 7, and 10 were sent to students, and instruction books have gone out to teachers, she said. “They’ll have to study the guidebooks, and if they have any questions they can ask online.”

Khin Hning Oo admitted the new system may pose difficulties for the older teachers. She expected younger instructors will find it easier to adapt to online classes.

The government hasn’t given any indication when schools will open again.

A nationwide lockdown against the coronavirus, introduced in late March, closing schools, banning large gatherings and flights, quarantining neighborhoods where infections have been confirmed, was extended.

In Kachin State, townships without internet connectivity are Danai (Tanai), Chipwe, Sawlaw, N’Jang Yang, Hkawnglang Hpu, Naw Mung, and Sumprabum.

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