MNDAA Closes KIO/A Office in Munggu, Prevents Construction of Manau Hall

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) has reportedly forced the closure of a Kachin Independence Organization/Army (KIO/KIA) office and prohibited the construction of a hall in Munggu (also called Mongkoe) in northern Shan State.

Locals informed the KIO/A of plans to construct a hall on the Kachin Literature and Culture Manau grounds in Hka San Ward on April 17, but Kokang soldiers told them to scrap their plans a few days later and to remove all their construction materials.

Locals claim that after capturing the town, MNDA soldiers have arrested and murdered civilians.

A local man said he wasn’t sure why the Kokang army, as the MNDAA are also called, are doing this to them.

“The Kokang soldiers are bad, but Kachin people cannot complain about it. If we do, they will kill us… They arrest people if they report the information—it’s really terrible here.”

KIA soldiers are staying in the office, another local source said, where the MNDAA has hung a sign in large Chinese letters. “They do not directly tell KIA soldiers to leave the office. Instead, they installed a warning sign on the wall.”

KNG reached out to the officer of Kokang administration for the town for his comment.

“This Manau ground is for all of the local ethnic people in Munggu. There is a football field and Manau grounds here. It’s not owned by one ethnic group. All local ethnic people can come to take part in celebration or public events on this ground,” he said, adding that they can even build temporary shelters provided that they are removed at the end of an event.

He said the problem stemmed from plans to build a permanent concrete building.

“Other ethnic people won’t allow it too,” he said, explaining how the MNDAA allows the KIO/A soldiers to stay here temporarily but not to maintain an office here.

Locals told KNG some Kachin leaders were purged from the Kokang administration for Munggu. Meanwhile, the MNDAA have reportedly built gambling halls during Chinese New Year that Kachin residents oppose. Additionally, Kokang soldiers have reportedly closed other buildings where Kachin nationals affected by the fighting have taken refuge.

MNDAA also prevents KIA and People’s Defence Force soldiers from traveling in Pang Hseng in military uniforms and with their weapons.

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army, which is part of Three Brotherhood Alliance with MNDAA and Arakan Army, has pressured KIO/KIA troops to leave Kutkai and Muse townships in northern Shan State.

Three Brotherhood Alliance has taken over many Burma army bases and towns in northern Shan State since launching 1027 Operation last year.

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