Local people demand MNDAA end occupation of Hko Mong hospital

Local people demand that the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), which is also known as the Kokang army, stop staying at the civilian hospital in Hko Mong village of Kutkai Township in northern Shan State.

In Janauary 2024, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) stationed its troops at the Hko Mong hospital. Since then, MNDAA troops have deployed at the hospital and hoisted a MNDAA flag.

“Villagers told MNDAA soldiers to leave from the hospital but they didn’t leave yet. Five TNLA soldiers were staying in the hospital, but now some MNDAA soldiers are stayingthere. A big MNDAA flag has been hoisted in the hospital grounds,” a local man, who lives in Hko Mong village and doesn’t want to mention his real name for security reasons, told KNG.

The local man said that villagers had renovated the hospital and hired a medical doctor and other people to staff the hospital. The villagers built a new hospital building in 2023, but have not held an opening ceremony yet. Now the MNDAA soldiers are staying in the new hospital building.

“Villagers renovated the hospital. The aim of upgrading this hospital was to provide surgery operations for local people. Now armed soldiers are staying in the hospital. Villagers are worried that armed soldiers will seize their hospital. Villagers do not allow KIA to stay in the hospital. At the movement, MNDAA soldiers are staying in the hospital,” the local man told KNG.

Local people had tried to negotiate with the MNDAA soldiers to leave from the hospital, but the MNDAA soldiers are still there.

“Villagers want ethnic armed organizations to stay away from this civilian hospital. MNDAA is ruling the area with a communist administration. TNLA is also practicing it. They do not want to leave from our hospital,” the local man told KNG.

Local people from eight villages which are located between Muse town and Namphetka village depend on the Hko Mong hospital. There are more than 300 houses in Hko Mong village.

The Kachin Independence Army has control in the Namphetka and Nam Hkai area, while the TNLA has control in Kutkai town and the MNDAA has control in the Muse area.

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