KIA, PDF Capture Strategic Camp in Mohnyin Township

Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People’s Defense Force (PDF) captured a crucial camp from State Administration Council (SAC) in Mohnyin Township, Kachin State, on Tuesday.

According to a knowledgeable local source affiliated with KIA’s Battalion 35 (Brigade 8) based in the area, the Kachin groups captured the camp near Beluu Hydropower Dam, situated between the villages of Beluu and Na Mawn (also called Nam Moon).

By capturing the camp, which accommodated around 30 SAC soldiers and is situated on the Na Mawm and Beluu road, the resistance eliminated a crucial security buffer for the regime’s regional air defense, as the source explained. He suspects that the camp was employing jammers to hinder the Kachin groups from deploying drones for surveillance and attacks on SAC forces.

“This military camp primarily provided security for their air defense unit in the area,” the 35-year-old man said. The resistance groups attacked the camp for almost two days before finally taking it in the early morning. He mentioned that the junta had imposed restrictions in the area, which was actually the main reason why they sought to dismantle the camp.

The regime apparently suffered casualties during the clash, and the resistance forces captured their weapons, but at the time of the press, this information was scant.


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