SAC Attacks Prevent Villagers From Harvesting Rice in Sagaing Region

Air bombardments by State Administration Council (SAC) in Indaw Township have made it too dangerous for farmers to harvest their rice.

“Burma army from Indaw town and in the village of Nabar are firing shells around Nabar, Ner Makyaing, and Pinn Tint villages during the day and night,” a local source told KNG.

SAC has been firing artillery and jet fighters to attack the three villages along the road between Indaw and Mawluu in Sagaing Region. On November 19, the first day the attacks started, a shell landed in a field next to Ner Makyaing. By the next day, harvesting in farms near all the villages had been stopped.

Another local source said the villagers have fled to the jungle to escape SAC shelling, which usually happens in the morning and after 9 pm every night. He said shelling took place on November 19, 20, 21, and 23.

An Indaw People’s Defence Fighter, a group fighting the regime, commented, “There have been no recent clashes (with SAC) in the Indaw and Nabar area,” suspecting the junta is attacking because it thinks the resistance is present in the vicinity without adding whether or not it is true.

Fortunately, no one has been killed by the air attacks in this area, unlike near Saw Maw Creek when a woman died and a man was injured when a jet fighter bombed a market and destroyed a shop on November 19.

In other areas of the township, which shares a border with Kachin State, clashes have continued between resistance fighters and the regime. The violence near Indaw town has forced two-thirds of the population to flee for safety. About 30 villages in the township have also been affected, and residents have left following relentless SAC jet fighter and artillery and mortar shelling.

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