SAC Arrests KIA Officers and Individuals Linked to KIO

On Monday, the State Administration Council (SAC) arrested four individuals linked to the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) and its armed wing, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), in Myitkyina.

SAC troops detained two individuals affiliated with KIO’s administration department at 6:30 pm at an intersection in Htiwon Ward as they returned from Kyarapatee Ward. A source close to the Kachin armed group, stated, “After questioning them, the Burma army arrested two KIA officers in their home.” The pair, who worked for KIO, had accompanied one of the KIA officers to Kyarapatee Ward.

The identified KIA officers are Laban Tu Mai, the deputy administrator for Myitkyina Township, and Maran La Reng, the administrator for a village-tract. At press time, KNG could not obtain the names of the individuals associated with KIO. The addresses of the KIA officers have been withheld to protect their families.

Unconfirmed local reports suggest that a shootout ensued when SAC soldiers attempted the arrest and that one of the KIA officers was killed.

The first source informed KNG, “We haven’t received any updated information about them after SAC arrested them and can’t say whether they are still alive or they are dead.”

In November, SAC soldiers arrested 13 KIO officers at the Happy KTV in Tatkon Ward of the Kachin State capital. In June, Ah Dau, the KIO deputy administrator for Myitkyina Township, and N’khwan La, the KIO deputy administrator for Zion village-tract in Mali Yang Township, were also apprehended.

In July, the Burma army arrested a youth from Shan Ywa village outside of Myitkyina on charges of affiliation with the KIA and People’s Defence Force.

SAC escalated security measures in the capital town, including night raids on homes, following an attack on its airbase in the morning on 24 September and an assault on a regime military truck in Kyun Pin Tha Ward a few days later.

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