Sit-tat Reimposes Curfew In Mohnyin

After the regime re-enacted a curfew in Mohnyin, no one in the township has been allowed to gather in groups of more than four or leave their homes between 10pm and 4am. Soldiers check everyone at checkpoints and spot checks, especially in the town of the same name.

“Soldiers and police are patrolling the streets in civilian clothes. Last night they stopped a couple on a motorbike around 9pm,” a Mohnyin man told KNG, wishing to remain anonymous.

It is the second time the military regime has reinstated a curfew, after one was imposed under Article 144 on 4 April. The junta claims it has been re-enacted again because the law has been violated and the safety of the people in the township in Kachin State are at risk. It will remain in force until further notice.

Last month, many people were displaced after fighting broke out in Namma town between the sit-tat and Kachin Independence Army and People’s Defence Force – Kachin Region.

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