Returning IDPs In Kutkai Township Want New Homes Before Rainy Season

Returning villagers affected by the war are asking for support to rebuild their homes in Kutkai Township, northern Shan State.

“We’re still living in bamboo huts with only plastic tarps for roofs,” says one woman requesting anonymity, worried about what will happen when the rainy season starts. Recently, her village was hit by strong winds and heavy rain, causing many problems.

The villagers who returned to Mang Lon and Kawng on 25 April hope that people will help them repair or rebuild their houses before it’s too late. Each family received $47 and tarps when they returned to their villages, but nothing since then.

About 160 out of 32 families returned to Mang Lon, which is 7 miles from Kutkai town. 100 out of 15 families returned to Kawng Lane, which is 16 miles from the town.

Another anonymous returnee said as they don’t have any income they need to focus on getting their crops into the ground before the end of the planting season so that they have some money next year. She said that while they’re doing that they need donations to build their homes and for food to eat. Additionally, they need drinking water, medicine and electricity.

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