Junta Releases 3 Political Prisoners In Kachin State

The military regime reportedly released 2,153 prisoners nationwide, including several in Kachin State, as part of a mass amnesty on Burma’s national holiday, the Full Moon Day of Kasong, also known as Buddha Day, on 3 May.

According to information provided by a local who requested anonymity, a female political prisoner was released from Bhamo Prison after being charged with Article 505 of Burma’s Penal Code.

“No political prisoner was released from Hpakant Prison, which holds over 30 political prisoners,” another person who also requested anonymity told KNG.

Two male political prisoners, also charged with Article 505, were freed from Mohnyin prison.

If the released prisoners commit crimes after their release, they will be taken back to prison to serve their full sentences.

Since the coup over two years ago, the junta has carried out 12 mass amnesties.

On 17 April (Burmese New Year), 128 prisoners were released from Kachin prisons. Among them are 44 prisoners from Myitkyina, 4 prisoners from Hpakant, 27 from Bhamo, 3 from Putao, 7  from Mohnyin , 25 prisoners from Malikha and 8 prisoners from Dun Bang. None of those released were charged and convicted for political offenses.

On May 4, Assistance Association for Political Prisoners reported that total of 21,879 people were arrested by military regime since the coup.

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