171 people, including 38 children, killed by Burma army’s airstrikes on Pazi Gyi village

Recent Burma army airstrikes on Pazi Gyi village have killed 171 people, including 38 children and 24 women. The Kyun Hla Activist Group reported that 25 of the children killed in the airstrike were under 10 years-old.

“As far as we know, a total of 171 people are dead. Some others are seriously injured, having lost their hands or legs, and are still receiving medical treatment. The people killed include 24 women, 25 children aged under 10 years old, and 13 children aged between 10 and 16 years-old,” a man working with the Kyun Hla Activist Group told KNG.

Most of the people killed in the airstrikes were Pazi Gyi villagers, with 100 of the 171 killed being from Pazi Gyi village. The other 71 people killed were from Ywathayar, Lay Twin Sin, Mae Zataw, Hta Nawng Kai Gyi and Thayar Mon villages.

After the airstrikes, more than 400 people fled from Pazi Gyi village and have taken shelter in safer places. Volunteers who are assisting IDPs in the area said that these IDPs need emergency aid including food rations, medicines, clothes and drinking water.

The majority of IDPs are children and women. There is not enough clean water for all of the IDPs. Some displaced children are sick and require medical assistance.

“They need medicine because some IDPs got injuries and have not yet received medical treatment. The weather is so hot. Some children are sick. This is why the IDPs need medicine. Women also need menstrual pads. These IDPs need medicine, clothes, drinking water and food rations,” the man working with the Kyun Hla Activist Group told KNG.

Prior to these latest airstrikes, there were already numerous IDPs in the area following a 11 April airstrike on Pazi Gyi village. The Kyun Hla Activist Group reported that people from from Pazi Gyi, Chaung Tha, Chaung Shay, Mae Zataw, Lay Twin Sin, and Htin Taw villages had previously fled their homes to take shelter in safer places. Pazi Gyi village is located in Kantbalu Township in Sagaing Region.

Local people said that Burma army drones continue to fly over Pazi Gyi village and surrounding areas to conduct monitoring of the ground situation.

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