Strong wind destroys dozens of houses in Mawlu village in Sagaing Region

Strong winds hit Mawlu village in Indaw Township of Sagaing Region on 2 April. Over two dozen houses were destroyed by the severe weather.

Mawlu village is located approximately 20 miles north of Indaw town. The strong wind hit Mawlu village around 4 p.m. A local man who lives in Mawlu village said that at least 30 houses were destroyed by the wind. There are more than 1,000 houses in Mawlu village.

“Many houses have been damaged by strong wind in Mawlu. Some houses had major structural damage. It was not just houses affected, the roof of a school in Min Razar ward was also damaged by the wind,” the local man told KNG.

Local people said that many houses had damaged roofs and some houses had totally collapsed. Road side lamp posts also fell over.

Houses were damaged by the wind in some villages surrounding Mawlu village. KNG has not yet confirmed full extent of the damage to houses and other infrastructure in Mawlu and nearby villages.

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