Military Arrests Many Civilians In Indaw

The army arrested 22 people, including 17 women, during its crackdown on the People’s Defence Force (PDF) in Indaw town in Sagaing Region.

A man who requested anonymity said many of the people were arrested at checkpoints in the town from 3 to 5 March on suspicion of being members of or having links to the PDF, which is fighting the regime.

“Family members aren’t allowed to visit them in the detention camp.”

Fifteen of those arrested were women working as vendors, four school teachers, including two women who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement and three men from the town. Three women were released on 5 March, he said, but didn’t know who they were.

“I heard that they’re going to press charges against the rest of those arrested and that they’re keeping them in a military camp on a hill in Indaw.”

According to local news sources, the vendors are ordinary civilians with no connection to the PDF.

After the military tightened security in the town, some shopkeepers have gone into hiding for fear of arbitrary arrests.

The military has reportedly arrested nearly 100 people, including those recently picked up, accusing them of supporting the resistance.

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