Woman Injured During Hpakant Shelling

After discovering the presence of Kachin resistance forces in the area, the military shelled Mazup Yang, Hpakant Township, on 24 February. In the process, Daw La Hkayi Ann, a resident of the village in Kachin State, was seriously injured and at least three houses were damaged.

“The KIA (Kachin Independence Army) and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) had movements in the area, but I do not know how the military knew,” a man told KNG on condition of anonymity. He could not say if they deliberately shelled the village or if it was a misfire.

After attacking Mazup Yang in the morning, the armed Kachin groups attacked the military in the evening, another anonymous source at the scene said. “I do not know if there were any deaths in Mazup Yang prison,” he said.

The military has been staying at the prison and two jade mines nearby, where it has erected a fence.

The regime soldiers frequently shells the area from different places and in the past Mazup Yang villagers have been injured.

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