Junta Artillery Strike Injures Children In Sagaing

Three children were injured by regime shelling in Depayin Township the same day the soldiers from Infantry Battalion 364 set fire to villager’s homes in Sagaing Region.

“The situation in our village is very bad, they have already burnt down over 200 houses,” a resident from Pyan Kya, who wished to remain anonymous, told KNG.

He expected the 80 soldiers who have been stationed in the village of 500 houses, about six miles southwest of Depayin town, since 22 December to burn down more houses. During an earlier attack, they had burnt down 24 houses, the man said

Two of the three children were seriously injured in Thursday’s shelling when the soldiers attacked Kyi Payar Htwet with artillery from Pyan Kya at 3pm, he said.

The stomach of Ma Theint Yadana Soe, also called Ma Hpwe Hpwe, who is 11 years old, was shredded by shrapnel. Maung Aung Ngwe Phyo’s back, who is 14, was severely injured by the bomb fragments. The two children are in critical condition, while the third child suffered only minor injuries in the blast.

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