Displaced Villagers In Sadon Need Aid

Villagers displaced from their homes by the war in Kachin State are in urgent need of food at the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) church, where they have been housed in bamboo huts on the grounds since August.

Three hundred people from fifty families have fled fighting between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the military that broke out near N’Wan Kawng in Waingmaw Township along the Sadon to Kanpaiti road.

One man told KNG on condition of anonymity says that sometimes private donors bring them supplies and KBC helps them as much as it can, but it is not enough.

Currently, the military and the People’s Militia Force are sleeping in their houses and the KIA troops are keeping their troops in the surrounding areas so that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) cannot return to their villages.

But life at the KBC church also pose daily challenges.

“We have no electricity here and it’s difficult to get water. KBC cannot provide food rations to the IDPs in time. We have asked our friends to give them more help,” says another volunteer who also wishes to remain anonymous.

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