Hundreds Of Regime Soldiers Sent To Lung Ja Bum

The regime has moved additional soldiers, weapons and food in 18 trucks to Lon Ja Bum, where it is shelling the Kachin Independence Army camp in Momauk Township and deploying ground troops.

The Burma Army troops (BA) have set up camp around the mountain top in Lon Ja, Nawng Poung and Wawan villages. Locals fear that fighting between the groups will increase if the regime continues to try to capture the camp in Kachin State, which it has failed to do since launching attacks in late October.

“I think BA is preparing for a major offensive these days,” said a resident of Momauk town, explaining that 8 trucks arrived at the mountain on Monday and 10 trucks with about 400 soldiers on Tuesday.

Another local source predicts that fighting will resume on Sunday. “At present, the area is quiet and farmers from Hka Nan and Lon Ja are busy trying harvesting their rice within 10 days.” The farmers have sent letters to the KIA and BA asking them not to fight in the area until 20 November, he said.

On Wednesday, a regime jet fighter was spotted flying over the mountain in the morning.

The regime started attacking the KIA’s camp, which is supported by the People’s Defence Force, on 22 October, preventing villagers of Lon Ja, Nawng Poung and Wawan from working on their farms. Some people have fled to Momauk town, including those from villages that have been spared from the fighting.

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