Burma Army Attacks KIA On Lung Ja Mountain

The regime has suffered many casualties in fighting against the Kachin Independence Army and the People Defence Force over the last week on Lung Ja Bum (mountain) near Momauk in Kachin State.

“To date, they haven’t managed to capture Lung Ja Bum,” despite attacking it from the air and on ground, a Momauk local told KNG, wishing to remain anonymous.

The man said the Burma Army (BA) sent in fighter jets and warships until 24 October, but not since then. However, they keep sending new troops from Bhamo and firing artillery from its Military Operations Command No. 21 in the town. In addition, the Light Infantry Battalion 437 is shelling the groups from its base at Momauk.

Since 22 October, “they’re exchanging fire every day, all day long”, he said. The resistance forces have been attacking the BA from four locations on the mountain.

Despite being outgunned, it’s the BA who bring their fallen and wounded soldiers to the military hospital in Bhamo every day, locals have told KNG.

Junta shelling wounded a man after landing in front of the high school in Hkar Nan Ward of Momauk town. A couple of days later, another shell killed a woman after hitting Mang Khun village. The fighting has forced thousands of people from Wawan, Kumban, Hkar Nan and Lon Ja to seek shelter in the towns of Momauk and Bhamo.

Another man from Momauk, who also requested anonymity, said that BA is making every effort to capture the strategically important mountain that overlooks the road from Myitkyina to Loije. He said the Loije area is one of two important special economic zones along the border with China, the other being in Kanpaiti.

“They want to control the Loije economic zone because the KIA makes money from trade (in this area).”

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