12 Political Prisoners Released From Hpakant Prison

The military regime released 12 political prisoners, including a journalist, from Mazup Yang Prison in Hpakant Township, Kachin State, on Monday, 3 October.

Reporter Naung Yoe told KNG he and the others walked out of jail in Lon Khin village tract at 8am after they had all served their full sentence of one and a half years for incitement under Article 505 (a) of Burma’s Penal Code.

They spent about a year holed up in a police jail while awaiting trial, and were then sent to Mazup Yang Prison for five months before being released. Of those released, ten men are from Ma Mong and one woman is from Lon Khin.

Naung Yoe, who was arrested on March 9 last year while working as a reporter in Hpakant town, is demanding that the regime release all those convicted of Article 505 (a) in the township. He says there are still 20 political prisoners locked up in the prison.

The regime has already released a total of 23 political prisoners from the jail, including on 3 October: 3 people were released on 28 and 8 people on September 30.


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