KIA Soldiers Wounded During Attack On San Pya PMF camp

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) attacked the San Pya People’s Militia Force but couldn’t capture its camp in Hpakant Township.

According to locals, one KIA soldier was killed and another wounded, while the PMF also suffered casualties before the Kachin soldiers eventually withdrew from the area. A San Pya man said that some buildings in the camp were damaged by the KIA’s heavy weapons.

The KNG couldn’t get any of this information confirmed from the KIA soldiers who were responsible for the morning attack on 11 August. However, the San Pya PMF has reportedly released photos of the deceased and injured KIA soldiers taken by their drone and seen by some locals.

A political analyst, who requested anonymity, wondered why the PMF had a drone in the fight and the KIA didn’t. ”Did some of the low-ranking KIA officers misuse funds?” he said to KNG.

The KIA has attacked the San Pya PMF, led by Min Zin Thant, several times since the coup. Brigade 2 attacked the leader’s house in May 2021, losing four soldiers in the battle. In July, the PMF attacked a KIA camp near the Chaung Sone gold mine, killing two KIA soldiers and wounding two.

The PMF, also known as the Warazup PMF, has camps in San Pya, Jahtu and Kai Taw villages. According to locals, the group has modernised weapons and its soldiers train every day, making them a dangerous opponent.

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