KIA Raid N’wan Yang PMF In Waingmaw

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) destroyed the camp of a regime-affiliated armed group in Waingmaw Township.

According to a male source with knowledge of what happened, several soldiers from the N’wan Yang People’s Militia Force (PMF) camp near Sadon Waterfall were captured alive during the attack. KIA soldiers have occupied the ruined site where both PMF and Burma Army (BA) soldiers were staying.

The man, who requested anonymity, said that his friend who was travelling to Sadon told him that the road was blocked by the fighting between the groups and they were only allowed to continue after it ended.

The friend said that the KIA has taken over the PMF checkpoint and is checking everyone who wants to pass through the area located between Waingmaw and Kanpaiti towns. Weapons were also recovered during the raid, which the Kachin soldiers are inquiring about.

After the raid, the regime sent BA soldiers and 50 PMF soldiers from Waingmaw town, which could lead to more fighting in the area.

At the end of July, the KIA killed at least six PMF soldiers at the Wu Yang camp and two of their own fighters were also killed during the attack in Waingmaw Township.

“We found the bodies of six soldiers in the PMF camp and I believe at least 20 soldiers were wounded in the clash,” a KIA officer told KNG. The camp wasn’t set ablaze because it’s located in a civilian village, the officer explained.

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