KIA And PDF Seize PMF Camp In Mohnyin Township

Kachin resistance fighters destroyed a Chaungwa People Militia Force (PMF) camp near Indawgyi Lake in Kachin State early Wednesday morning, 28 April.

A local from Mohnyin Township told KNG on condition of anonymity, that he heard all of the PMF soldiers fled when the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People’s Defence Force (PDF) started attacking their camp located about 20 miles from Burma’s largest freshwater lake.

”After that, the KIA and PDF burned it down; we also heard gunfire.”

The PMF soldiers, who are working under the military regime, didn’t fight back when their camp came under assault and so no one was hurt, the man explained.

Another anonymous source told KNG that after withdrawing from the Chaungwa camp, he heard the PMF soldiers joined up with the Loung Tong PMF camp.

The Chaungwa PMF camp was established before the military took over the country during a coup on 1 February, 2021.

Although the KIA and PDF frequently attack the regime’s armed forces in Mohnyin Township, it’s the first time they targeted a PMF camp in Kachin State.

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