Fire Destroys Putao District Village

More than 70 people are in urgent need of emergency aid after a fire tragically destroyed all 11 houses in their remote village in Putao District, including the buildings where they stored their rice.

They’re struggling to survive after losing everything in the fire, explained San Lu Ramseng, who’s part of a team of volunteers helping people in the district. He said there’s no phone or internet in Htar Ler Htu, which is located at the foot of Hkakaborazi Mountain in Nogmung Township. The nearest town is Pan Nan, which can be reached on foot in six days.

”I don’t think they’ll ever be able to build their houses in the village soon, which is difficult to reach,” says San Lu Ramseng. They need food and other rations, but also rice cookers and tarps to build shelters.

He hopes that people will help out this community at its time of need by contacting him directly at +95 979 318 2202 to send donations.

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