Regime Deploys Kawnglanghpu PMF In Northern Kachin State

Facing shortages, the Burma Army (BA) called on the Kawnglanghpu People’s Militia Force (PMF) to provide fighters during the conflict against Kachin armed groups in Putao and Machanbaw townships in northern Kachin State.

Although the local source who told KNG this information off the record couldn’t say how many PMF soldiers have arrived in the area, he saw them digging bunkers in Mularshidee. ”There are fewer BA soldiers in Putao, but the PMF are strong in Kawnglanghpu, so they requested them.”
Previously, the checkpoints in Putao were manned by former BA soldiers who are senior citizens, he explained, but now they are PMF men.

According to another source close to the Kawnglanghpu PMF, the BA commander of the strategic command for Putao recently ordered them to send the soldiers.

After fuel supplies dried up in Kawnglanghpu Township, the PMF was forced to halt its lucrative gold mining and construction projects in the area, a third source told KNG, wishing to remain anonymous.

Currently, Battalion 7 of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the People’s Defence Force control the Myitkyina – Putao highway.Troops from BA Infantry Battalion 46 have been deployed to Hpert Mar and the situation between the village and Lon Shar Yang remains tense.

On 1 February, KIA and PDF fighters captured BA camps in Sumpyi Yang and Lon Shar Yang in Putao Township, after which the junta launched airstrikes on Sumpyi Yang a few days later.

On 3 February, the day of the air strike, the Kachin groups also took over a police camp in Mawhan in Mohnyin Township. A week ago, the KIA and the PDF attacked another camp in Lon Shar Yang and some civilians fled the area.

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