KIA Destroys Junta Camp In Mohnyin Township

On Thursday, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) killed a military officer and a police officer and wounded others in an attack on their camp in Mohnyin Township, Kachin State.

The Kachin groups attacked the camp with heavy weapons at around 4am, burned it down and withdrew an hour later, according to a KIA soldier on the front line who said they took no prisoners. Weapons and other military equipment were seized in the raid.

According to locals, 100 Burma Army (BA) soldiers and several armoured vehicles arrived in Mawhan from Mohnyin town two hours later. They stayed near the village where the camp was located until 11am.

Soldiers and police from the camp used to stop the villagers and beat them when they tried to return after curfew, so the armed Kachin groups decided to attack the camp.

“Sometimes soldiers and policemen opened fire. A villager who wanted to transport his pigs in a lorry was shot dead at a checkpoint and just a few months ago soldiers wounded another villager,” a local from Mawhan told KNG on condition of anonymity.

The same morning, the KIA and the PDF attacked an army camp in Jara Yang in Hpakant Township. On 1 February, the one-year anniversary of the coup, the groups destroyed two  camps in Suampian and Lonshar Yang in Putao Township.

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