Kachin Risk Commemorating Kachin State Day

A man in Myitkyina who did not want to give his name told KNG that he raised the Kachin national flag in his house for 74th Kachin State Day on 10 January, followed by prayers.

He explained to his children why it is important to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the creation of Kachin State, which came as a result of the Panglong Agreement following Burma’s independence from Britain on 4 January 1948.

Before the military overthrew the government almost a year ago and the pandemic broke out, Kachin State Day was held at the Manau (Manaw) grounds in the Kachin State capital.

“This year, we organised a prayer service at the Kachin National Consultative Council office…Other religious organisations have also held services to mark Kachin State Day,” an organiser, who wished to remain anonymous, told KNG.

Kachin in Waingmaw, Hpakant and Bhamo also showed their Kachin pride by flying their flag at their homes.

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