Burma Merchants Lose Millions After China Prevents Muse Onion Exports

Food wholesalers have lost millions of kyat after their trucks of organic onions were prevented from crossing the border from Burma’s northern Shan State into China

“Out of nearly 1,000 trucks that arrived at Muse Trade Zone, I think nearly 500 trucks were forced to return…We can not export the onions to China in time, so they had to be stored in a warehouse where they spouted,” he told KNG.

The onions were bought at a price of 800 kyat (50 cents) per 1.6 kg, he said, estimating the loss at over 600 million kyat ($340k ). After trying to recoup some of his losses by selling the onions at the Muse market, he ended up having to donate many bags because they had sprouted.

Another businessman who was unable to get 5 trucks across the border from Chin Shwe Haw to China lost money on fuel costs. He explained that some of the onions were destined for Vietnam. ”Chinese traders send organic Burmese onions to Lau Kai town,” he explained, which is a four-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, Chinese border officials only allow medicine and other health products to pass through, although the border route was partially opened on 26 November. Kyin Sang Kyawt on the Burmese side has been closed since 8 July, Chin Shwe Haw in China since 6 October.

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