IDPs In Muse District Running Out Of Food

Villagers who recently fled fighting in northern Shan State are running out of food because the Burma Army (BA) is preventing supplies from reaching their camp in Muse District on the Chinese border.

A villager affected by the clashes between Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and BA earlier this month told KNG that they only have enough food for up to five days.

“Our food is almost depleted and I do not know what to do when we run out. We have to find a solution because there are children, elderly and some who are sick. We do not have any medicine. We are worried that more people will fall ill,” he said.

About 170 villagers from Mang Yan and Bang Mwe, located in Mogkoe sub township, have been staying on the border for about ten days. They had initially tried to find refuge in China, but Chinese authorities deported them.

The MNDAA and BA began fighting in the area on August 3.

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