KIA Attacks Burma Army in Waingmaw

The Burma Army (BA) sustained causalities during a recent Kachin Independence Army (KIA) attack on its base in Waingmaw town, Kachin State.

KIA Battalion 3 (Brigade 5) ambushed the IB-58 base around 10pm on July 29, instantly killing two sentries at the gate and injuring many other soldiers, a man who asked for his name not to be published told KNG.

“I heard there were at least 30 soldiers wounded in the attack,” the man said, explaining the next morning the ground was stained with their blood. “When KIA attacked IB-58 there were about 10 soldiers at the gate.” The Kachin soldiers also attacked a sentry on the west side of the base.

Retaliating, the BA indiscriminately shelled areas of Waingmaw Township with artillery. A shell landed on the grounds of KEP Logistics Co Ltd, in Laban village, instantly killing employee Aung Li, 36, and seriously injuring another staff.

“IB-58 attacked villages with artillery; I don’t know if it was intentional or if they wanted to target KIA troops,” a man from Madein village told KNG.

BA also shelled Laiza, the headquarters for KIA’s political arm, Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO), at 1am, locals informed KNG.

Col Naw Bu, the KIO spokesperson, said there were no Kachin soldiers killed or injured during the ambush in Waingmaw. Details about the BA causalities and injuries need to be confirmed, he said.

According to locals, on the same night and time, KIA attacked a BA checkpoint in Mayang Kahtawng village in Mugaung Township.

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