KIA And PDF Attack Tatmadaw At Multiple Locations in Sagaing Region

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People’s Defence Force (PDF) attacked the Burma Army at three locations in Sagaing Region, according to reports from locals.

KIA and PDF intercepted a military column interloping in KIA territory between 4am-6am, a local informed KNG. The source heard the Burma Army suffered casualties after sending 30 troops in two vehicles to Moe Tar village where fighting broke out.

KIA and PDF also attacked Tatmadaw soldiers travelling in two vehicles in Kawlin Township around 3pm on July 2. Two officers and two soldiers from the Burma Army died during the attack, a KIA officer on the front line informed KNG. “We attacked the Burma Army with a landmine near Thist Seimt Kon village… After a clash broke out for thirty minutes.” According to the KIA officer, no Kachin soldiers died. A man and a child were wounded, however, after RPGs fired by Burma Army struck their village.

Over 20 Tatmadaw soldiers perished after KIA and PDF ambushed two military vehicles in Htigyaing Township around 11:30pm on July 2.

KIA Brigade 8 from Mohnyin Township, located in Kachin State, assisted the PDF chapters with attacks in their respective areas in Sagaing Region.

Col Naw Bu, spokesperson for KIA’s political arm Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) told KNG the central committee didn’t order the attacks and no one briefed him about what happened in Sagaing Region.

Locals expect fighting with KIA to escalate after spotting Burma Army vehicles travelling to Kachin State from Sagaing Region.

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