Army Wants Tanai Village Leaders To Provide Lists Of Residents Affiliated With  KIO/A

Burma Army summoned village headman and told them to provide detailed lists of residents with connections to Kachin Independence Organization/Army (KIO/A) in Kachin State’s amber rich Tanai Township.

Villager leader for Nawng Mee said: “They told us to give names of people who voluntarily joined or were recruited by KIO/A.”

When he told them no one from his village is in the ethnic armed organisation, the soldiers said if he can’t provide a list, he must sign a statement letter.

The Army also called leaders from Don Bong, Dom Ban and Warazup, all of the villages, including Nawng Mee, are located along the Lido Road, in Hukawng Valley.

Burma Army IB-86 summoned the headman from Lawah and Nawng Mee. The Warazup leader was called by IB-297, and the Dom Ban headman met with IB-298.

Headman from Dom Ban and Warawazup didn’t have to sign any statements.

The Army warned leaders to report within a week if they see KIO/A soldiers in the villagers or surrounding areas.

The Warazup headman was asked if any of the “young men” from his village travel to KIO’s Laiza headquarters to deliver weapons to KIA soldiers.

“I told them if young men go to Laiza, they won’t tell me about it,” he said. “We weren’t forced to answer their questions. But they told us to report to them again next week.”

KIO/A Brigade 2 is fighting with Burma Army in Hukawng Valley.

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