Civilians Killed By Burma Army Shelling in Momauk Township

A Buddhist monk was among three civilians killed after Burma Army attacked Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on a mountain in Momauk Township with jet fighters, artillery and a combat helicopter. Kachin soldiers shot down the helicopter on the same day as the casualties

Artillery shells struck Myo Thit area on Salaung Mountain killing the villagers and seriously wounding at least five others on May 3. The monk died later at a hospital.

Burma Army launched a ground attack on KIA troops after the ethnic armed organization seized its camp on top of Alaw Bum (mountain) in late March. After suffering many casualties trying to recapture the mountain with foot soldiers, Burma Army switched focus, attacking KIA on Salaung Mountain with airstrikes for over a week. The military wants it to launch an offensive on the mountain to recapture its old camp on Alaw Bum, located near the Chinese border.

Over 50 homes have been destroyed by the airstrikes and shelling in Momauk Township. Almost 5,000 civilians displaced by the fighting have sought refuge in Momauk and Bhamo towns.

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