Authorities Force Villagers in Kachin State To Remove Satellite Dishes

Authorities threatened to fine residents in Kachin State if they don’t remove satellite dishes from their homes while warning them of a curfew from 8pm-4am and to hand over any weapons if they have them.

Mogaung Township residents told KNG the General Administration Officer from Namti town used a megaphone to announce it. Anyone found with the Thai PSI satellite dishes in Namti and Lang Khwa village will receive fines of 20,000 kyat (US$13).

The military council shutdown mobile data and wireless broadband internet, preventing people from accessing information in the country. With the PSI satellite dishes, citizens can still watch DVB TV and Mizzima TV, providing valuable, independent news from across Burma. Kachin News Group contributes content in the Kachin language (Jingpho) to Burma News International (BNI) Ethnic-Language Television, aired on DVB TV every Saturday.

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