KIO Vows To Stand With The People If Military Govt Resorts To Violence

The Kachin Independence Organization/Army (KIO/A) said it will stand with the people if the military regime’s security forces attack them for opposing its rule in Kachin State.

Although the ethnic armed organization (EAO) said it won’t get involved in the coup, it told the Burma Army through the Kachin Peace-Talk Creation Group (PCG) violence against the people won’t be tolerated.

The PCG often served as a mediator between the KIO/A and Burma Army during peace negotiations in Kachin State.

“The KIO/A said they’re concerned about civilian casualties during demonstrations,” said Lamai Gum Ja, from PCG. “After enacting Article 144, KIO said that police and soldiers may resort to brute force to stop protesters.”

The EAO didn’t specify what measures it will take if there’s violence against civilians.

The military government banned gatherings of more than five people and imposed a curfew from 8 pm to 4 am this Monday after protests in the hundreds of thousands broke out across the country.

Demonstrations resisting the military coup in Burma continue to grow despite the risk of a crackdown, which appears more imminent everyday.

Recently, police used water cannons against protesters in Naypyidaw and Mandalay. Rubber bullets were fired at demonstrations in Naypyidaw and Myawaddy. And it appears live rounds were fired. Doctors in Naypyidaw said a twenty-year-old woman is brain dead and on artificial life support after what appears to be a bullet lodged in her brain. Another protester who was shot is reportedly in critical condition.

Teachers, students, municipal servants and others joined a civil disobedience movement that started a week ago when health workers walked off the job. Protests starting in Yangon and Mandalay last Saturday have spread across the country. On Sunday, a general strike was launched.

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