KSPP Youth Wing Wants Investigation of Tenders Given to Out-Of-State Companies

The youth wing of a Kachin political party sent an open letter to the government asking for an investigation to determine whether companies unfairly won government tenders for the upcoming Financial Year (FY).

Naw Hkont, leader of the youth wing of the Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP), told KNG they asked Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung why outsiders won so many contracts.

“The Kachin State government didn’t favor local business men,” he told KNG. Instead, they gave preference to those from other states and regions. In the future, there’ll probably be no local businessmen involved in regional development, especially in infrastructure and construction sectors.”

The youth leader said the Kachin State government should be protecting the interests of locally based companies, thus creating jobs for Kachin living in the state.

In the open letter, the KSPP youth wing demanded that the government investigate a director who won two tenders for two separate companies.

Thirty-eight tenders for construction projects were announced by the government in Kachin State on January 8.

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