Youths Demand Connectivity in Northern Burma

Youth want internet connectivity in their township in northern Burma and access to more phone providers than MPT.

Beset Jao Lyn told KNG that only 2G service is available in the town of Nogmung, located in a township of the same name in remote mountainous Puta-O District, Kachin State. There’s phone service in the three nearby villages, but nowhere else in the township. “Until today, we are completely isolated.”

Because they can’t get online it’s depriving them of their education, Beset Jao Lyn told KNG. “Education is very important for youth…In some states and regions, even though the schools are closed, youth can still study by using the internet. But we don’t have the same opportunity. There’s no library here…It’s really bad!”

There’s also no way to stay updated about the spread of COVID-19 to protect themselves during the pandemic.

The youth took photos of themselves holding signs with slogans like “Nogmung belongs to the world” and “please, give us internet” and circulated them online by accessing the internet in Puta-O town.

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