Kachin State Voter List Increases by More Than 10,000

After the Kachin State Election Commission published its second draft of the state’s voter list, the number of eligible voters had increased by 10,000.

According to the commission, there were more than 1,080,000 eligible voters on the first draft of the list, but now there are more than 1,090,000.

Tun Aung Khine, deputy head of the state’s election commission, said that thousands of people applied to have their names added or changed after the first draft of the voter list was made public, which led to the increase.

“We checked all applications. After checking the list, we announced the second round of the eligible voter list,” he told KNG.

Polling stations have also increased from 890 to 918 in Kachin State alongside the increase in eligible voters.

The Union Election Commission released the first draft of the voter list from August 8 until August 24, and the second round of on October 1. It will remain up for checking until October 14.

“Even if people don’t have an ID card, if they have another official card, they can vote in the election,” Tun Aung Khine explained, adding that these cards presented at the time of voting could be “a student ID, civil servant card, labor card, Red Cross member card, or firefighter.”

Polling station officers just have to be able to confirm the identity of the person for them to be able to vote, he said, also suggesting that voters get a village or ward headman to vouch for them if they have no other identification.

A total of 19 political parties will run for election in Kachin State’s four districts—Putao, Myitkyina, Bhamo and Mohnyin—on November 8.



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