Flyers ‘Insulting’ the NLD Circulated in Mansi Township

Flyers “attacking” the National League for Democracy (NLD) have been circulating along the Bhamo-Mansi highway in Kachin State’s Mansi Township.

The flyers appear to have been thrown along the road for a 10-mile stretch between Hpan Hka and Nazaret village on the night of August 21, and were found six to 10 feet apart.

The papers accused the NLD government of acting differently in practice than their promises, selling natural resources, bullying the people, creating land plots for themselves in Naypyidaw. They also criticized NLD’s implementation of mega-development projects across the country.

“I noticed these insulting letters on the road near Hpan Hka village when I picked up my friend in Bhamo town. When I read the letter, it was a message attacking the NLD party,” a local, who spoke to KNG on the condition of anonymity, said.

NLD electoral candidate for nearby Momauk Township Ne Win said similar flyers were circulated in Momauk town in Bhamo District on the night of August 22.

“These letters attacked the NLD party. They were circulated in our town,” he said. “I don’t want to make any comment on it. The perpetrators circulated these insulting letters at night. They are like thieves—if the police find them, the police will arrest them.”

KNG tried to call Naw Li, secretary of the NLD party in Kachin State and the state’s municipal minister, for comment on the flyers. However, he said that the Mansi NLD branch had not reported anything about the issue to him.

“Well, they want to make our NLD party suffer,” Naw Li said of those who distributed the flyers. “But we cannot take legal action against them for circulating insulting letters on the road. If we have concrete evidence, then we can take action.”

The NLD is preparing to run in all constituencies in Kachin State on November 8, and will contest for the Lower House, Upper House, and the state parliament.

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