Tatmadaw Attacks KIA Camp in Northern Shan State

The Burma Army fired multiple artillery shells at the Kachin Independence Army’s (KIA) military training camp in Hsenwi Township in northern Shan State on Wednesday, KIA sources said.

The camp is located between Loidau and Gang Mung is operated by the KIA’s 17th Battalion under Brigade 10.

According to a KIA officer who spoke to KNG on the condition of anonymity, no trainees were present on the grounds when the attack occurred.

“Four shells landed on the military training ground. Nobody was hurt when the Burma army attacked it because it was interval time on the training ground,” the KIA officer said, noting that “both heavy and small weapons” were used.

The Burma Army column active in the area has been fighting the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, so KIA sources said that they were not expecting to also be targeted.

“Our troops didn’t take security sentries to the military training camp,” the KIA officer explained.

On the afternoon of the same day—January 8—the Burma Army also reportedly attacked TNLA troops near Mang Yawt village, located between Kutkai and Namphetka. According to local sources, the Tatmadaw opened fire on the TNLA using heavy weapons from their base in Kutkai during the clash.


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