Skirmishes break out between Burma Army and KIA in two areas

Skirmishes broke out between the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army in two areas yesterday morning (24 January).

An official from KIA Brigade 6 confirmed to KNG that the two armies clashes in Kawng Wai, which is under the control of KIA Battalion 36 under Brigade 6 in northern Shan State.

The Burma Army’s Infantry Battalion 261, which was marching from Gaung Yi Stream, and KIA Battalion 6 under Brigade 2 also fought fiercely in Phayar Taung of Nam Si Yang near Kar Mai on Mogaung-Hpa-kant Road, according to local residents.

Over 100 military vehicles, which were covered in plastic and believed to be carrying artilleries, departed from Myitkyina to Putao on Sunday.

Local military observers said the Burma Army is preparing to launch an offensive against KIA Brigade 1 in Putao District.

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