Title Created Date
KIO's Gun Maw arrives in Washington as clashes displace 3,000 16 April 2014
Heavy fighting on last day of census in Burma’s northern Kachin state 12 April 2014
Burma commander-in-chief warns of war 12 April 2014
Kachin state's NDA-K region to get park for rare monkey 11 April 2014
Sexual violence by Burma army still a major concern 03 April 2014
Chinese aid reaches Burma’s Kachin IDP camps 27 February 2014
Kachin political parties to hold cooperation meeting 25 February 2014
Burma army takes control of huge jade piece in Hpakant 20 February 2014
China will send aid for displaced in Kachin state 19 February 2014
KIO calls on church groups to pray as tensions with Burma army escalate 19 February 2014
UN rights envoy Quintana finally reaches Laiza 17 February 2014
Census data collection to begin early in Kachin state 15 February 2014
Burma army captures posts near KIO's Laiza capital 13 February 2014
2 KIA officers killing during clash in Bhamo district 10 February 2014
Burma army takes another KIA post in southern Kachin state 07 February 2014
Kachin mark 54th anniversary of uprising 05 February 2014
Alliance of ethnic political parties slam Burma national census 03 February 2014
KIA soldier dies resisting Burma army attack 01 February 2014
Burma army captures KIA post, heavy fighting continues in southern Kachin state 31 January 2014
British minister calls for national ceasefire during Kachin visit 30 January 2014
KIA releases 2 Burma army officers after brief detention 28 January 2014
Voters group urges Kachin parties cooperate 27 January 2014
Kachin politicians concerned about UN funded census 24 January 2014
Kachin land rights activist turned politician Bawk Ja freed 24 January 2014
Burma army soldiers extort money from miners in Hpakant 23 January 2014
KIA refuses Burma army access to site of alleged atrocity 22 January 2014
Aung Thaung's family firm involved in Kachin dam deal 16 January 2014
Red Cross sends aid to IDP in Putao 16 January 2014
Kachin state day celebrated as concern with census mounts 13 January 2014
KIA releases two Tatmadaw soldiers following clashes 08 January 2014