Junta Torches Hundreds Of Homes In Khin Oo Township

Burma’s armed forces have burned down 219 homes in villages in Khin Oo Township, where thousands have fled from the regime’s offensives in the conflict with resistance groups in the Southeast Asian country.

Last Friday, more than 1,000 people fled attacks on civilian property in Shar Lwin and Kalar Luu in Sagaing Region as the Burma Army (BA) torched houses in the villages for the second time, according to a resistance fighter from the Khin Oo People’s Defence Force (PDF) who didn’t want his name published. He said more than 2,000 civilians from a total of eight villages in the township have sought refuge from the BA attacks and are in urgent need of help.

An anonymous resident from the area familiar with the situation told KNG that 47 houses in Kalar Luu and 34 in Shar Lwin were burnt down during the recent attack. ”Not only were houses torched, but Buddhist monasteries in the two villages were also destroyed.” Last month, the soldiers destroyed 138 houses, he said.

The PDF member told KNG that the regime deployed columns from Khin Oo, Yay Oo and Shwe Bo townships to attack them.

According to local estimates, the junta has burnt down over 400 houses and killed 114 people, including ordinary civilians and resistance fighters, in Khin Oo Township this year.

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