KIA Targets Junta Forces On Lido Road

In their recent raids on Burma Army (BA) convoys travelling on Lido Road, Kachin Independence Army (KIA) soldiers ambushed military vehicles several times this week, according to a KIA official on the front line in Kachin State.

“From our village, we could hear small and big guns being fired… During the attack, there were probably BA causalities,” a local man told KNG.

According to the KIA official, they killed at least 10 BA soldiers in the first attack near Laja Bum village at 11pm. Around noon the following day, the Kachin soldiers attacked the same column between Shein Lon and Pannet villages, killing some junta forces.

A day earlier, the KIA ambushed another 60 soldiers in three vehicles coming from Shinbwe Yang town in Tanai Township.

The KIA also attacked two civilian cars belonging to people associated with the military who were travelling from Tanai to Shinbwe Yang on 24 October with a remote mine, the KIA official told KNG. It’s unclear if there were any casualties.

Since September, KIA Battalion 45 has frequently carried out attacks on BA vehicles travelling on Lido Road to prevent the junta from supplying a military camp it had set up in Tarung in Tanai Township after the 1 February coup.

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