Fighting Displaces Villagers In Mansi And Bhamo Townships

Civilians affected by the fighting between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Burma army in Mansi and Bhamo townships urgently need help.

“They need emergency aid, including food rations and shelter. They also need medicines,” a Man Tha Kachin Baptist Church official told KNG.

About 80 people, including the very young and elderly, from 30 families from Khe Manai and Nam Thae in Bhamo Township and Nam U Gyi in Mansi Township have sought shelter at Kachin Baptist Church in Mansi Township after fleeing their homes on 26 April. Some of them have already fallen ill.

A sit-tat column of about 200 soldiers stationed in Sin Kham in Bhamo Township patrolled the three villages until fighting broke out with the KIA.

“Until this morning (28 April) they have fired both light and heavy weapons. They have been clashing in the area for three days,” a man who wished to remain anonymous told KNG. On the first day, in the afternoon of 26 April, they engaged in a gun battle that lasted about 30 minutes, he said. Since 27 April, the clashes have been escalating, the man explained.

The three villages affected by the violence are about 15 miles from Sin Kham and there is no regime outpost near them, nor has there ever been any fighting in the area.

Organisations or individuals wishing to help villagers in the church can contact +95 9 260 397 843.

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