KIA Block Road In Sagaing Region

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA), one of Burma’s most powerful ethnic groups, blocked the Indaw – Bamauk road during heavy fighting with the Burma Army (BA) in Sagaing Region.

Soldiers from the Indaw People’s Defence Force (PDF) and the KIA stopped all cars, trucks and buses and only allowed motorcyclists to pass.

”We expect more clashes on the road in the future. We don’t want civilians to be harmed in the clashes, so we blocked the road,” said a PDF officer.

Fighting with the Light Infantry Division 88 has been going on in the area since 30 July, when the BA suffered an unspecified number of casualties after the groups attacked them with five landmines. The regime sent two trucks the same day to recover the bodies of the fallen soldiers and the injured.

The PDF has warned everyone that the group isn’t responsible for anyone who ignores the roadblock.

According to the group, BA Corporal Kyaw Thura was killed and Cham Aye, a private, was captured in a raid by the KIA and the PDF on the Meeba Metta KTV on 28 July.

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