Pat Jasan Resumes Anti-drug Campaign In Kachin State

The anti-drug organisation Pat Jasan, famous for its vigilante actions against illicit narcotics producers, dealers and users, has rebooted its campaign in Kachin State after suspending all activities for two years because of the pandemic and later the coup.

The Pat Jasan leader vowed to resume the organisation’s campaign on Kachin Anti-Drug Day, telling KNG they are reviewing their plans before restarting activities in Burma’s most northeastern state.

“As a part of our anti-drug campaign, we’ll educate people about narcotics. We already sent our directive order to village-level members, so we have officially restart our campaign on April 25,” he told KNG on the anti-drug day.

“We need public participation and invite everyone to join us to eradicate drugs from our region.”

After facing many difficulties, Pat Jasan’s activities ceased in January, 2020. Between 2015 and 2016, the organisation destroyed many acres of poppy plantations across Kachin State, later prioritizing anti-narcotic awareness.

Pat Jasan was established on April 26, 2014.

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