Students Attending Private School Can’t Stay In Dormitories, Govt Says

The government sent new guidelines to private schools with dormitories in Kachin State to ensure social distancing is followed when classes resume.

Khin Than New, director of the educational department for Kachin State, told KNG that students attending private schools would not be allowed to stay in dormitories.

It’s important for “all private schools to follow the health guidelines” when the new school year starts, she explained. Government staff will personally visit each of the private schools before they are allowed to open.

Myo Min, the principal of Pannya Moe private school in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, says the government told him to open his school but would not allow students to stay overnight. To comply with the new regulations, he says they are required to limit the number of students.

In addition, Myo Min says “students have to sit six feet away. Officials ordered us to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), take body temperatures, and make sure everyone is washing their hands.”

All private schools in Kachin State must follow the same health guidelines as government schools, he explained. If teachers suspect someone may have COVID-19 they were told to close the school.

Myo Min says it’s difficult preparing for a new academic year during this pandemic.

In Kachin State, there are 61 private high schools.

The Burma government invoked a partial lockdown in early April after the first confirmed COVID-19 in late March.

According to the Kachin State Health Department, 4405 citizens have been tested for COVID-19. So far, only two cases have been confirmed. The patients have recovered from the virus and been discharged from hospitals in Myitkyina and Bhamo.

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported there were 326 cases in Burma on July 11, while 256 recovered and 6 died.

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