Party Leaders Elected at KSPP Conference

In its first conference held from March 3-4, the Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP) elected its leading committee and drew up the party’s policies.

It was decided that the party chair is Dr. Manam Tu Ja, vice-chairperson 1 is Doi Bu, vice-chairperson 2 is Duwa Gumgrawng Awng Hkam, vice-chairperson 3 is Myihtoi Zau Lat, and vice-chairperson 4 is land-rights activist Labyawng Bawk Ja.

Duwa Awng Hkam told KNG that the KSPP would likely form alliances with other state-based political parties after Burma’s general election, set to be held later this year.

“We are going to make alliances with ethnic political parties from other states and regions after winning the election. Our objective is to control the [Kachin] state parliament. The major objective is to build a federal country,” the vice chair 2 said.

The previous vice chair resigned from the KSPP, making way for Doi Bu to take on the role. She told KNG that the KSPP would try to win as many seats as it could in the 2020 general elections while competing throughout Kachin State.

“All people living in Kachin State, of different religions, can participate in the KSPP. We are trying to be a strong political party in the future. I expect that our party will be successful in the future,” she said.

More than 300 party representatives from all 18 townships in Kachin State attended the two-day conference, held in Myitkyina. Issues discussed included the party’s future plan, which focuses on party structure, policy and gender inclusion, in a total of 11 points.

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